We are the number #1 source for heating appliances including Country wood stoves, Jotul wood stoves, Fire Chief wood furnaces,  wood burning fireplace inserts and a full line of Lennox hearth products.

Our Country wood stoves burn cleaner because of a secondary burning system which utilizes a wasted fuel prior to this time. This sophisticated technology burns the smoke so that your chimney does not need to be cleaned as often. Country stoves also carry a lifetime warranty.

We have a vast number of wood burning fireplace inserts to meet your every need. Whether you have a large or a small fireplace we have the ideal insert to fit in its place. Many accessories are available for these inserts including high velocity fan blowers, thermostats, gold and nickel accents for the doors and much more !

Our beautiful Lennox hearth products will satisfy the most demanding taste for decor. With our natural cherry, light and dark oak finishes or painted surfaces, even your most prominent guests will be impressed. Call (423) 638-9261 today for our complete color brochure on Lennox hearth products.

The most impressive thing about Jotul is the company was started in 1853. They are the maker of the highest quality cast iron wood stove in the world, selling 20,000 stoves world wide every year. Jotul wood stoves come with a 5 year manufacturing guarantee.

The Fire Chief wood and coal furnaces make economical whole house heating alternatives to standard electrical and gas furnaces. They also utilize the same secondary burning technology as the Country wood stoves. The most powerful  model puts out an impressive 200,000 btu's per hour with a lifetime warranty on the grate and baffle. Removing the ashes is a breeze with the ash pan and cast iron ash door.

Besides our large inventory of heating appliances we offer many services. We have been in business for over twenty years and understand every facet there is to know about installing heating appliances. Before we install any of our heating appliances we highly recommend that you allow us to inspect your chimney for need of cleaning or repair.

If you have a serious chimney problem such as a broken flue tile or a crack in your chimney we can install a stainless steel liner guaranteed for the life of your home. Our stainless steel liners are top notch !!! We do not merely drop a pipe down your chimney like so many others do, instead we wrap a ceramic wool around the pipe that can withstand temperatures up to 1,500 degrees farenheit.

So come visit our store in Greeneville, Tennessee today. We carry a lot of smaller items that will be of interest to you besides heating appliances. We sell special chemicals to keep your chimney clean, a complete line of stove pipe and chimney caps, stove and hearth cleaners, factory paints, carbon dioxide sensors and much more !

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